Planned Features

Below is a list of features that are on the near-term development roadmap for Lazar Focus.

If you, as a Lazar Focus user, want to vote for a feature or suggest a new one, please see the contact page.

Automatic music start and stop with focus block start and stop

The blog post Proposed feature: Carmack-style focus block automatic music start-stop has more detail on this simple but intriguing feature.

Allow-list for exceptions

Imagine you want to block youtube, but you still need youtube for some working music, or you usually block reddit, but you do need to lookup resources in /r/orgmode or [/r/emacs](], for example.

The Lazar Focus allow-list is the answer.

If the page title contains your string, e.g. “Eelke Kleijn” (a Dutch producer I really like listening to), or the URL path (after the domain) contains your string, e.g. “/r/emacs”, those parts of normally blocked websites will be allowed through.

Stats and visualizations of how you use your PC

In future versions, you, and only you, will be able to analyse and visualize your computing behaviour throughout the day.

You will be able to see exactly, also via charts, which apps, which websites and for how long you use them, helping you to better manage the time that you spend at the PC.

Minimize to tray

Please let me know if this is something that will fit better into your workflow.

Personally, I either want to see the Lazar Focus window with progress bar, or I minimize the whole window where I can check the preview on hover, so the systray icon is not highest priority.

Add blocked websites and apps from a list of those currently visible

Currently you have to enter web domain names, e.g. “”, and app exe names, e.g. “whatsapp.exe” in the block lists.

With this new feature, you’ll be able to get a list of currently visible web URLs and running apps, from which you’ll be able to select the ones you would like to block.