Lazar Focus Help

Lazar Focus is a small Windows application with one goal in life:

To help you laser focus on the task at hand by blocking distractions on your Windows PC. Write that report, finish programming that function, get your thesis draft DONE!

Lazar Focus sports a friendly “Focus” button. When you press the focus button, it does two things:

  1. It starts blocking distracting websites on all the most popular browsers, without any additional plugins required. Any distracting sites that you have configured will automatically be redirected to an inspirational quote instead.
  2. It closes and then blocks any distracting apps, for example your mail app, and any chat apps, enabling you to focus.

Press the focus button again to stop the focus session, re-enabling the blocked sites and apps. You can add a description of what you did during that bock. Lazar Focus keeps track of all of these blocks in its database, so you know how you are doing!

You can read more about the philosophy behind Lazar Focus in this blog post, or continue for a short guide on how to get started.

Quickstart video

Below is a 2 minute youtube demo of how you could get up and running with Lazar Focus, right after installation and starting up for the first time.

After starting playback of the video, please click on the little “CC” icon to see the English captions explaining what is happening.

Automatic activity logging video

The following is a 4 minute YouTube video demonstrating the automatic activity logging function of Lazar Focus, after a brief recap of how to get up and running with basic distraction blocking.

Analyzing the activity log / time-tracking in Excel

In this detailed 12 minute video, I show how one could go about analyzing a full day’s automatic activity logging as exported by Lazar Focus.