Lazar Focus is available via via the Microsoft Store!

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This is a once-off purchase which gives you a perpetual license to use all versions in the Lazar Focus 1.x series, and to receive all updates for the duration of the 1.x series.

(There are currently no plans for 2.x, only to keep on working on 1.x, but I would like to keep my options open for the future.)


I am highly confident that this app will help you to be more productive, by helping you to avoid distractions.

Personally, every single time that I’ve busted out the Lazar Focus, it has helped me to save my day.

That being said, I would have preferred to offer a limited time no-cure-no-pay money-back guarantee, but the Microsoft Store makes that impossible for me, for a large part because it rightfully shields the privacy of the buyer from the seller (which is a truly good thing).

It does look like you should be able to get a refund via Microsoft itself, please see their page about this.

If LF really does not help you to work better, and you are unable to get refunded via the Microsoft Store, please send proof of purchase to with a short message explaining why / how LF didn’t work for you (this is for me to learn from), and I’ll send you a complimentary LF 1.x license code that you can either give to someone for whom it might work better, or sell to recoup your cost.